Course Structure: Year I

  • General Management
  • Business Communication
  • Managerial Economics
  • Marketing Management
  • Management Accounting
  • Financial management
  • Organizational behavior
  • Human resource Management

Course Structure: Year II

  • Business Strategy
  • Management Control Systems
  • International Business
  • Business Ethics
  • Quantitative Techniques
  • Specialization Elective - 1
  • Specialization Elective - 2
  • Projects ***

Correspondence mba in India- MBA Correspondence is currently the most popular professional training in the world. The course helps students understand business elements, such as organization, planning, management, and staff. MBA looks for real-time business exposure for students. It helps to develop management skills that are essential in today's business scenario. The course helps develop effective analysis and communication skills in the dynamic business environment. MBA correspondence courses are a reward for professional professionals. Here, the applicant is protected against any financial instability and must not be geo-relocated. Students, who intend to MBA correspondence, first take an MBA course list in India through this medium. So write short schools. Remember something from fashion training requires discipline and student dedication. Classes that are not fixed would be likely to cause distraction and students cannot study the lessons well. MBA correspondence is a comprehensive solution to any problems encountered by an individual while receiving MBA through a regular university. At this stage it is difficult to remember that there are also some disadvantages. One of the main disadvantages of distance training is the cost of technology. Some major universities charge very high for grade and poles in line apart, there are oral communication, visual contact and deadlines. Lack of oral communication and visual contact leave a person in a confused stage when there is something they do not understand. Regular MBA schools and group discussions, classmates, oral communication and visual contact in photos. All full-time courses have identified an individual deadline and must submit the work on the specified date. If there are no deadlines, the person tends to attract and the course continues for years. The reason is very important because this feature within the person who will push him to have an expiration and pave the way for a successful educational experience.

Correspondence mba in Delhi- If you are looking for a MBA correspondence course in India, there are several options. Online MBA courses have gained popularity given the bridging distance and make it easier, but students who cannot afford a full-time MBA. Technology has to learn every possible part of the world to allow people to stand and grab. Many people are attracted to an MBA and consider it very attractive career opportunities. However, this level could not get much from lack of time and other obligations. The ever more popular MBA correspondence, it is possible that many executives earn this degree without leaving their job. Also, publish a much less rhythm than a traditional MBA.

Course Duration
MBA Aviation Management 12 to 24 Months*
*University conducts examination twice in a year i.e in January and July


Graduation in any discipline from Recognized University.


  • Student Fees
    Indian Rs. 56000/-
    Indian Working-overseas Rs. 61000/-
    International $2100/-
    Fees can be paid in installment, We shall discuss on the same once you finalized to opt this course.