Course Structure: Year I

  • General Management
  • Business Communication
  • Managerial Economics
  • Marketing Management
  • Management Accounting
  • Financial management
  • Organizational behavior
  • Human resource Management

Course Structure: Year II

  • Business Strategy
  • Management Control Systems
  • International Business
  • Business Ethics
  • Quantitative Techniques
  • Specialization Elective - 1
  • Specialization Elective - 2
  • Projects ***

Distance mba in Delhi-Everyone knows that education plays an important role in our lives. We learn by teaching more things we use in our lives. Many professionals are always looking for a way to progress in their career and quickly climb the corporate ladder. While a Bachelor of Business Administration is the first step for a successful career in business, professionals often look for something different to distinguish them from their peers. One way to do this is a degree to continue and advance as a Master in Business Administration, otherwise known as an MBA. Many professionals prefer to continue working while pursuing a master, so they can continue with their current job. However, completing advanced training takes time and effort. One of the possibilities for these professionals is to follow MBA distance training.

Distance mba in Delhi- Distance learning is when a student makes college or university established. Most classes take students compiled online. Students also learn through a series of manuals and videos to get the knowledge they need for their promotion in a business career. Working through the internet allows for flexible student planning and allows them to continue working while pursuing an undergraduate master degree. This is an important thing for a business professor who wants to advance rapidly in their career.

Distance mba India- At MBA Distance they generally fall into two categories: scheduled lessons and learn-as-you-go. With the former they meet online - via a boating hall, newsgroup or online messaging service - on a specific day and time. This method allows for greater interaction with the instructor and other students, and some have a more traditional look. This allows for greater freedom. Sometimes you can work for your program, but you lack the group experience. Which method is best depends on what feels most comfortable.

Distance mba in Delhi- Although the distance learning concept is not new, many professionals who are already graduated to benefit from learning opportunities off-site to reach a distance learning MBA. Distance learning MBA programs are also the best method of learning for most companies that offer the repayment programs to employees. Not only is it convenient; Individuals can keep their regular programs without losing too much precious work time like that. This makes the MBA even more feasible for even the busiest adults.

Top Distance MBA Colleges in Delhi- Following MBA distance education is very beneficial for students who want to embark on a career in business and management. There are several other executives and professionals who wish to undertake management courses to improve their skills. Currently topnotch companies or companies prefer recruitment management purposes. Given the importance of MBA training are schools or institutes that allow students through entrance tests or interviews.

Course Duration
MBA Aviation Management 12 to 24 Months*
*University conducts examination twice in a year i.e in January and July


Graduation in any discipline from Recognized University.


  • Student Fees
    Indian Rs. 56000/-
    Indian Working-overseas Rs. 61000/-
    International $2100/-
    Fees can be paid in installment, We shall discuss on the same once you finalized to opt this course.