Course Structure: Year I

  • General Management
  • Business Communication
  • Managerial Economics
  • Marketing Management
  • Management Accounting
  • Financial management
  • Organizational behavior
  • Human resource Management

Course Structure: Year II

  • Business Strategy
  • Management Control Systems
  • International Business
  • Business Ethics
  • Quantitative Techniques
  • Download Specialization Elective - 1
  • Download Specialization Elective - 2
  • Projects ***

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Course Duration
MBA Aviation Management 12 to 24 Months*
*University conducts examination twice in a year i.e in January and July


Graduation in any discipline from Recognized University.


  • Student Fees
    Indian Rs. 56000/-
    Indian Working-overseas Rs. 61000/-
    International $2100/-
    Fees can be paid in installment, We shall discuss on the same once you finalized to opt this course.