Online Executive Mba Programs in India


Course Structure:

  • Principles of Management and Organizational Behavior
  • Managerial Economics
  • Quantitative Techniques in Management
  • Accounting & Finance for Managers
  • Business Law
  • Executive Communication
  • Management Control Systems
  • Specialization (List of specialization attached)
  • Elective - 1
  • Elective - 2
  • Project Work

Online Executive Mba Programs in India- MBA program is a graduate of two years of professional training. It is designed to prepare students to meet the needs of the market. Getting admission to this course is the best way to teach candidates how to build and upgrade innovative organizations. During this course you get management to analyze techniques and pave the way for building management prospects. It also explains how the economy works in a company. And people who work shift their career into the desire field. Any position in any organization that requires critical thinking skills and decision making creates a suitable post for MBA professionals. This program expands our leadership skills and strategic planning skills that help us in our professional life and make the difference between professionals and ordinary people. With an MBA we can be in a good organization that manages high level managerial functions. During this course we improve our communication skills and public relations needed for each type of activity and benefit for each position and help us to get to the top floor.

Executive Online Mba- MBA is generally for the Master in Business Administration, which develops business management skills and analysis. In these days of fashion and technology see MBA courses with great respect, high-paid jobs and also help to find good work internationally. Among the wide range of higher education diplomas, MBA has the greatest popularity and kindness in the world. If you are planning an MBA to follow any kind of specialization, you need to make sure that you are performing your full efforts to complete the level with a degree to get a high package. The MBA course cannot be compared to other qualifications. Under management work is not huge competition; you should have a more ordinary knowledge, knowledge of up-to-date business and extreme management skills to apply for work management. There must be serious, dedicated and committed to his career goals to achieve success in the field of management.

Online Mba Programs in India- There are several areas in MBA. This is because almost all branches today demand responsible and administrative decisions. You can choose from a number of topics based on the work you want to undertake. This also applies to MBA in Accounting, Finance, HR, International Business, Retail, Entrepreneurship and a few others. MBA teaches business management primarily focusing on management techniques, business techniques and management skills and so on. Therefore, before taking admission to any of the MBA colleges or universities it is very important to go through different executive MBA program rankings so that you can able to choose best suitable one in making your bright career and future prospects.

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Duration : The APGBM Program can be completed in a period of 12 months.

Eligibility for Admission:- Graduation in any discipline with 2 years of Experience.


  • Student Fees
    Indian Rs. 37,000/-
    Indian Working-overseas Rs. 42,000/-
    International $ 1500 /-
    Examination will be conducted twice in a year i.e. in January and July.
    Fees can be paid in installment, We shall discuss on the same once you finalized to opt this course.